Friday, April 30, 2010

True Friends

Wowsers- two days in a row.. can you believe it? 4 months off and now a two-fer this week. Wake the kids and phone the neighbors.

I know the burning question in all of your minds is- that the HECK brings her to blog again so soon? Well.. I’ve recently fully come to understand the value of true friendship and how needed it is. True friends are hard to find. Some are ones you’ve known almost your whole life and others are ones you’ve known for a relatively short period.

What classifies one as a true friend? Just a few characteristics- clearly the list is not exhaustive.

Always there for you: Everyone deals with heartache in their lives. Anyone that tells you differently is living a sadly alternate reality. True friends are ones that hold you as you cry (either physically or virtually)- offering their shoulder to lean on to help you through your rough time. This ia a very difficult task to accomplish as it can be emotionally draining on a person. True friends do it because they actually give a darn about you and your feelings.

Stand by you: No matter what bonehead move one makes, true friends understand fully that was a bonehead move and not who you really are. In other words, they know the real you. Of course, this is not to say they’ll blindly stand by you if you are cruel or obnoxious and hurt people. In such a case, true friends will exhibit the next characteristic

Hit you with a clue-by-four: This is by far the hardest characteristic to achieve as a person. Telling someone you care about the cold hard truth of the matter. Sure, for the receiver of the smack of truth, it can sting- but hopefully one is wise enough to realize this is being done for you and not to you. If you don’t, then clearly, you don’t understand the concept of true friends.

Why am I blogging about this? The start to this year has been very interesting – events in my life took many different turns. I had so many changes of emotions in the first 3 months of this year. All of that changed in the first half of April. At that time, I had the great fortune to take a trek through the Andes of Peru (with a couple of true friends- thank you G, M, R, D and J). The Salkantay Trek was a very life changing trip for me. The experiences and the self discovery because of them have had a permanent effect on me. (I do promise to blog about the trek soon). The picture on my last blog entry shows such empowerment and strength.

A very astute new true friend sensed I was slipping back to my old self by allowing certain feelings to creep back in to my life. This wise person said “Look at your picture again, you have changed and have taken a different route in life. Going back will just take you back down the mountain.” (referring to aforementioned photo) “You are not the weak woman ** knew before but a strong woman who will not take *** crap anymore”

There was a true friend wielding a clue X 4 and whacked me right across the head with it. This friend is absolutely correct. I am blogging this to memorialize these words, to ensure I remain on that mountain- or climb higher even, and not go “back down the mountain”. I will remain strong and keep looking forward and not back.

To all of my true friends who have exhibited even one of characteristics I’ve mentioned, I owe you more than I can ever repay. You have my utmost gratitude and respect. I care for each and every one of you.

Keep looking forward and don't let others pull you backwards.


  1. I love this picture. You look so peaceful calm, thinking... When was this taken? BV

  2. hey, paisana...stay strong and god bless, djc

  3. Hey Riebee, post again so I don't have to ask to be your friend on Facebook!