Friday, December 4, 2009

I Just Can't Believe It's December Already!


This has really snuck up on me. I love the Christmas holiday season. Really love it. Decorating the house. Making goodies. Crafting. Decorating the office. Wearing the Christmas clothes and jewelry.

Why am I just not feeling it this year?

Perhaps because Thanksgiving was so late? Perhaps because I wasn't around for the day after Thanksgiving when I typically decorate? Perhaps because of other things concerning the house?

I just do.not.know.. and it's bugging me.

I am committed to at least decorating the house this weekend. Sunday that is. Saturday is being spent with a special someone and the evening is being spent dancin' the night away- with C - yet again! So- according to my busy calendar- Sunday looks like the first available opportunity

hey- that's it, kids.. that's why the house isn't decorated and I'm not feeling it.. I'm just too busy doing other stuff!

Happy holidays!

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  1. OMH you witch, why didn't you tell me you started a blog? Can I put you on my blogroll on LWH?

    MWAH love ya!